Cash Balance

Are you a participant in a pension plan either as a current or former employee? If so, your pension benefits might have been illegally reduced as a result of changes to your pension plan.

Many companies have changed or are converting their pension plans from traditional, defined-benefit plans to new “cash-balance” plans. While companies claim that conversion to cash-balance plans benefits their workers, many cash-balance plans actually substantially reduce the pension benefits to which the plans’ participants were previously entitled.

We aggressively protect pension-plan participants who’ve lost benefits due to cash-balance conversions. If your pension plan has been changed, please contact us. At no charge, we’ll:

  • Investigate the matter thoroughly;
  • Advise you whether you have a claim;
  • Advise you of your claim’s merits; and
  • Discuss whether you should consider pursuing a claim on behalf of a class of your co-workers.