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"Luxury" Bed Linens

When are “luxury” bed linens not luxurious?  When they have far fewer threads per square inch, or thread counts, than advertised. 

To determine the quality of a bed linen, consumers around the world consult the linen’s advertised thread count - the higher the thread count, the softer and more durable the linen. 

For years, textile manufacturers have determined a linen’s thread count based on a standard method of counting threads per square inch.  GSK has filed complaints alleging that recently, and unknown to consumers, some linens manufacturers have departed from this standard and have been counting threads in a manner that significantly inflates a linen’s purported thread count.  According to complaints, this practice has had the effect of doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling certain “luxury” bed linens' advertised thread counts, and customers who purchased these linens have been misled into buying significantly lower quality bed linens than expected based on misleading labeling.    GSK has taken action against some of the allegedly offending businesses to stop this practice and is seeking restitution for damaged consumers.


Case Documents
Wal Mart Complaint
Bed Bath & Beyond Complaint